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seripop1.jpgseripop2.jpgI met Chloe Lum and Yannick Desranleau, a pair of Montreal-based artists/silkscreeners who work under the name Seripop, at a rock show years ago and bought a couple of their posters. They make show posters, flyers, record covers, and art of their own at an alarming rate of production. And they sell their stuff for cheap. They're currently having a sale and have some prints here and here and some additional deals on their myspace page. They say they'll also trade for musical equipment, pre-1990s Archie comics, and records, so if you are interested, email them. It's a great chance to get some beautiful handmade art for your walls.

comrtbusbacissuesetbig.jpgIt's comforting to have Cometbus around, like an old friend who drops by once in a while and always has a ton of new good stories to tell. Like me, he enjoys life's simple pleasures: beer, coffee, water, the Sex Pistols, 24 hour donut shops, girls, travelling, and the Clash. I remember once a million years ago, I was staying over at the House of Failure on Valencia St. and Aaron showed up to sleep in my friend's room while she was away. We got some beers and shared some cigarettes. Then Holly and I went up to the roof to talk and enjoy the night and he settled down, kicked his shoes off, and read a book. At some point, up on the roof, we noticed a weird smell and couldn't figure out its origin for the longest time. Eventually we surmised that it must have been Aaron's socks. Siick!, we giggled knowingly. It's hard to keep your socks clean on the road.

He put out an issue recently with 7 new New York stories and some nice short interviews and I was psyched to sit down with it and a coffee. The Needles & Pens store is selling a set of twentysome back issues. At $88 it's not cheap but it's awesome for someone just getting into Cometbus or a rainy weekend trip down memory lane for an old fan. I have all the issues in the set of Cometbus back issues and pleased to note that it contains a few of my favorites.

This collection is available at Needles & Pens. You can also buy single issues and other Cometbus collections from Little Type and Last Gasp.

glu4party.gifCool lesbo magazine Girls Like Us has a new issue out with the lovely and amazing Beth Ditto of The Gossip on the cover. They are having a party for it tonight at the Slipper Room, on the corner of Stanton and Orchard. It starts at 8ish. I'll drop by after I go see Karole Armitage at the Joyce Theater.

Picture%201.pngA friend sent me to this site PDF Mags. It calls itself "Your PDF Mag's Magazine." I have no idea what that means. However, there are a bunch of magazines that come out in PDF form listed on the site with links to download. Mr. Mcginnis and I are always on about the various reasons for going the PDF route—no money, not wanting to use up a lot of paper, wanting to add video, other interactive thingies, etc. Go to this site and look around. I'm not yet through them all but so far I'm all into this Polish photo mag called Abandoned Magazine. It's simple: black and white photographs of bits of graffiti on falling down buildings and I'm really in that kind of mood this week.

Guest Editors


magcovers.jpgI love when magazines have guest editors, when they let a person or a collective curate the whole issue. Some of my favorite examples are: Big Magazine 15 by Bob Richardson had old and new photos by Bob, features on new designers he liked, photos by his son Terry Richardson, and old pics from Bob’s life, like a spread of him hanging out with a teenage Angelica Houston. The issue of A Magazine curated by Maison Martin Margiela had a white theme, began with this quote, "the past is what bonds us, the future leads us," and had pages by everyone who has ever collaborated in any way large or small with the fashion house.

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PENRY_FINAL.gifI'm going to this event tonight at a cute store on Mott st. called I Heart. The event is for the release of a book of drawings called Castles and Christians by J.Penry. GHava{Press} is putting it out. Our friend Magic Andy is djing. And I'll take some pictures. I think it'll be fun. Go to it also.
Here's the info:

Thursday, January 25th, 7-10pm
New original works to be hung and sold by Mr. Penry and signed limited edition copies of CASTLES AND CHRISTIANS including an original drawing in each one.

Special guest performance by: CHEESEBURGER

262 Mott Street
between Prince and Houston

tiam.jpgOooh, this looks cool! Someone buy me one, ok? Ok! It's a big book of issues of the online zine "this is a magazine," which is also sometimes called "this is not a magazine." The editors are from Italy. They take submissions and say they try to respond to everyone eventually. The books also include the submitted art projects that didn't work online and were better suited to print. Their site is a bit confusing but if you keep clicking around you'll eventually find past issues available for download.



flip7.jpgI'm all into this magazine today. I woke up and was checking my email/myspace/etc and saw a bulletin from them about a party which prompted me to go look at their site. I know I have a copy of Issue #1 around here somewhere but I can't find it. From what I remember, I liked it. They have a new issue coming out this month and I'll definitely look for it. You can look at spreads from the past two issues on the site and also buy some cute clothes.

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The Beast


flip7.jpgThe Beast is an online PDF art 'zine with a found object, artist's journal aesthetic. The last issue was in 2002 - but all 12 issues are still up and available for download. Another great example of a group of people who should be given money to do a print magazine - but lacking funds, upload their work as a PDF.

flip7.jpgIt's not particularly easy to design a unique magazine rack - the same ideas are knocking around endlessly. But finally I've found one thats completely different - The Tube Magazine Rack. I might have a problem stuffing my fancier mags in here - but it's certainly an attractive solution for the occasional food magazine I buy for the kitchen. It's only about $98 bucks, but unfortunately not available in the US. Hopefully there will be knockoffs everywhere soon.


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