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Zing, one of our favorite art mags, is apparently having a party - even though the fate of the magazine itself always seems in question. Come back to the 5 and dime, zingmagazine, zingmagazine.

Zing Magazine Armory Fair Celebration
Tribeca Grand: Sunday, February 25th: 8pm-1am
Music by Spencer Sweeney and Sascha P
Complimentary Cocktails 8pm-9pm
RSVP here for Zing Event

flip7.jpgSpeaking of art mags, Documenta 12 Magazine launches. Edited by the curators of Documenta 12, the contemporary arts event held in Kassel, Germany. Haven't seen it yet, but it's in our to buy list.



flip7.jpgChimera #1
By Lorenzo Mattotti
32 pages Black and White, 2-color cover,
8 1/2” x 11", with jacket

Italian artist Lorenzo Mattotti's lush Chimera begins with lovely thin brushstrokes and sparse compositions of innocent children watching the sky. The creatures they envision in the clouds take over the narrative (stealing it actually), and as night spreads out over the landscape the ink strokes grow dense and sometimes impenetrable. The Chimera here seems to be the hybrid creatures of imagination and nature. A simple concept perhaps - but Mattotti's gorgeous brushwork imbues the story with mythic power. An expressive work printed on thick drawing paper, with a smell that reminds me of childhood coloring books.

available from Fantagraphic Books

very.jpgOnce a week or so I meet Mr. Mcginnis at Universal News for coffee and magazine browsing. We each grab a stack of titles we've never looked at or maybe haven't seen in a while and then sit down and discuss. There were a few highlights this Friday but nothing really blew me away. The only thing I was psyched about all through the issue was Lula, and that doesn't count because it wasn't a magazine I'd never bought before. More on that issue later. Here's what else I saw:

Encens: a French/English fashion magazine. I liked that most of the book was in black and white and that they used a few different kinds of paper. Also, did you know that LA fashion designer Rick Owens makes furniture now? I guess I've been a little out of the loop.

032c: a bi-annual German contemporary culture magazine with good articles but not the best feeling paper. I also liked the cover.

Very: a New York/London art and fashion mag that also publishes style guides to various cities. Glad to see they're still publishing. The best part about them has always been their great covers. The paper also feels good.

Heaven to Hell


flip7.jpg David LaChapelle signs copies of his new book Heaven to Hell (TASCHEN 2006) at the Taschen store in Soho this Thursday, February 22nd, 6 to 8PM. He's a big candy coated homo - go have a lick!

TASCHEN Store New York
107 Greene St. (between Prince and Spring streets)

Warhol Week


warhol_brillo.jpgHappy Andy Warhol Week! This Thursday is the 20th anniversary of Warhol's death and Factory Craze: A Week of Warhol at the Gershwin Hotel will be celebrating his life and work with events all week. Party promoter/curator Earl Dax went to the private opening ceremony yesterday and had this to say:

"The event was fabulously messy and filled with many off the cuff recollections. Robert Heide recalled Andy Warhol asking "When do you think Edie's going to commit suicide...? I hope she'll let us know, so we can film it," and Ultra Violet observed "The Factory was a like a multi-level marketing firm with no pay." Penny Arcade brought the room to a hush when she noted that "Warhol's greatest accomplishment was convincing the the art world that he was a painter when he really was an art director. You can see Andy Warhol's impact today because there's not a lot of art in art, but there's a lot of art in advertising."

A quick side note: I went to Penny Arcade's garage sale on my first day in New York and she gave me a fedora and told me some stories about the neighborhood. A list of events, including a panel discussion of Warhol's influence on publishing, is after the jump...

Continue Reading Warhol Week

flip7.jpg"Have you noticed how bland, safe and banal our newsstands have been looking lately? Is this what you want? Hey consumers, vote with your feet! Don't let quality magazines die." We've found yet another magazine obsessive, Michael Bojkowski at Boicozine. His tastes vary slightly from ours - but he's still go it. I found him while searching for info on He Magazine, which he seems to have discovered before me. The most impressive thing about his site is a wonderful collection of magazine covers that he calls The Nation Magazine Cover Archive (NMCA). It's fascinating to see Esquire's once phenomenal covers and consider it compared to the sad, sad magazine that exists today. Who the hell reads Esquire anyway?

Ooooh Outfits!


omg.jpgI woke up early today to write something here before class and instead I've just spent the last hour looking at this amazing street fashion site called Face Hunter. I can't stop! There's so much there! I know it's not exactly print related but go there now and look. My only regret is that I've spent so much time on the site and now I barely have time to put together a fierce outfit. Damn!

I just looked up the photographer, Yvan's myspace and it turns out he was the cute fellow in the Henrik Vibskov photos I was loving from his Spring 2007 mens collection.



flip7.jpgTouring Universal News I discovered a men's fashion magazine that really came out of nowhere - Denmark's He Magazine. I don't mean to disrespect the Danes; what I mean is that I'd never heard of it advance, and it seems to be a completely independent magazine made by a group of twenty-somethings. I couldn't find any information online about it's launch - nor any information on it's editor-in-chief Daniel Magnussen (other than a sparse Myspace profile that gave his age, 26) or Art Director Jack Dahl (other than an empty website for his design studio, Homework).

The bold title, stark photography and direct gaze of cover model Antoine commanded attention on the rack - and I always grab fashion magazines that lack cover lines. My first impression was that I-D had taken Dazed & Confused/Another Magazine's lead (which started Another Man last year) and started a 'brother' magazine. Indeed, the art-directon has a lot in common with the British mainstay - uncluttered san-serif typography, clean, blocky layouts, bold photography obsessed with hip youth culture and pretty boys. The chunky, colorful headline type seems to reflect this seasons fashion trends as they see it - playful, comfortable and future minded as emphasized in their spread of Raf Simons current collection. This is a true fashion lovers magazine, and a magazine lovers magazine. Highlights in their 3rd issue include profiles of the Acne team and an insightful interview with the amazing Ann Demeulemeester. Don't worry, it's in English. The big question I keep asking myself is how the hell did they pay for this luscious production?

dazedfeb.jpgLast night I found myself short on cash when it was time to pay the dinner bill so I slipped out into the snow storm in search of the nearest deli ATM. The deli I found, somewhere on Dekalb Ave. in Brooklyn, had a fantastic magazine selection including a few titles I've never seen before. My dinner companions probably figured I'd skipped out on the check, I was gone so long looking at shelves of new mags. I left with a pot leaf lighter and the February 2007 issue of Dazed & Confused. I'd forgot about Dazed and probably haven't read it in a year or two. I'm glad I got reminded. This is a good issue! I always feel like I learn something after reading an issue. There's a John Cage interview, an article on the Doug Aitken video piece at the MOMA (which my history of video art teacher called a giant Gap ad), a look at the spring/summer 2007 collections, and a really foxy French guy I've never heard of. The Dazed Digital site already has the March issue up, so go grab Feb off the stands before it goes away.

flip7.jpgI actually think a lot of the "kid's" furniture you see at the big stores is cooler than any of their adult stuff. Pottery Barn is so soooooo lame, but PBteen is totally cute. Ms. Keough is having issues finding just the right magazine rack - and I think PBteen's Beadboard Mag Rack might be just the answer for her. It will blend in nicely without crowding her little Brooklyn apartment. It's wood, painted white and distressed so it will go nicely with her light walls and slightly messy chic (i.e dumpster dived) decor.


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