Hello! School's out in a week and I'm a spazzy mess. I have to run back into the dark room, but before I do, here are some links:

Sneaky US Postal rate changes to impact independent magazine publishers. Magculture link. Search and Destroy link. Sign the petition to stop this!

The Fader magazine now downloadable via iTunes. Hm! Boicozine link.

Are you too glamourous for your own good? Then this show is for you. Foam of the Daze, the first show at Smith-Stewart gallery, explores the "destructive force of glamour." The name comes from L'Ecume des Jours, the cult Boris Vian novel about a tragic glamour overdose. Through May 20, 2007, at Smith-Stewart, NYC. www.smith-stewart.com. Link via V Magazine Blog.

I haven't the faintest idea what he's saying, but I'm pleased to announce that a fellow named Luis Mendo has started a Dutch magazine blog called BladBlog. And he linked us. Thanks Luis!

outFabulous! 2 full issues of our favorite "Gourmet Bathing" magazine. Wet - one of the most fierce magazines of all time!

link via Jockohomo

outI only became a graphic designer because I wanted to make flyers. I didn't care about designing anything else. I collected them long before I collected magazines because they were free and easily stored. The ability a flyer has to make you keep it and look at it is what made me think about the power and art of design. Going through my big box of images, I notice that the flyers I still like best are all from New Orleans, near the beginning of Mac design - and mostly photocopied. I haven't picked up a flyer to add to my box since I lived in San Francisco (New Yorkers don't seem to care as much about having a cool flyer). After the jump, check out some of my favorites from New Orleans.

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krak1sml.jpgFingered DVD Zine
DVD in screen printed cloth sleeve (comes with a button!)
Edition of 300

The Fingered DVD Zine is a series of discs dedicated to exposing and promoting art communities in the US and beyond. Artist Harrison Owen (who, when googled, comes up as a guy who wrote a book called The Practice of Peace. I don't think it's the same fellow.) Apparently our Harrison has been shooting his friends' bands for ages and editing the footage together to share. His first issue of Fingered focuses on Brooklyn bands with Excepter acting as the centerpiece and co-curator. This new issue is about all things San Francisco, a topic close to my west coast heart. Fabulous Oakland band Erase Errata is the main band on this DVD and their tour diary is cute and funny and full of rock. It's cool to see the original line-up together there and our friend Lauryn Siegel also has a cameo. Two other stand outs are the Tussle video and the Clipd Beaks video and artwork. You can buy this DVD as well as the first issue on the Fingered Media site or at cool bookstores.

Photobooth Love



Photobooth.net is the most comprehensive photobooth resource on the internet. That's what it says on the front page, but after a bunch of googling around, I'd have to agree. Brian and Tim, the fellows who run the site, seem to be obsessed with trying to locate every photobooth in the world, as well as any photobooth that appears in film and television. As of right now, there are close to 200 booths in their list so consult it before a trip, whether to Connecticut or Finland they'll find you something. They also have a blog, a gallery of photobooth pictures (submit yours!), and information about booth related art projects and books. I'd love to find this limited edition book of photobooth pictures put out by Billy Childish. Anyone out there have it?

Photo above is by Klaas from Berlin. Those German FotoAutomats are cool looking. And of course, there's a flickr pool of them.

outNo One Belongs Here More Than You: Stories
By Miranda July
Published By Scribner
224 pages
$23.00 ($15.64 on Amazon)

released: May 2007

I tend to write about things I've already read or seen on Print Fetish - but Miranda July's website for her upcoming book No One Belongs Here More Than You actually does it's job in making me want to get the book. It makes me think she's cute and fun - which usually makes me give someone the benefit of the doubt. I didn't really like her film Me and You and Everyone We Know - but it made me think she might be a better writer than filmmaker. I think she knows people I know, so I'll check this out.

outAce Jet 170 is the found print object blog of graphic designer Richard Weston. His taste leans toward mid-century minimalism and typography long before the advent of the computer. Especially gorgeous is his collection of three color pelican paper-backs.

Veronica is another magazine blogger (they seem to be popping up everywhere) who is incredibly enthusiastic over pretty magazines. Proof that young people still read print. Mag.Nificent is her blog, check it out.

Joel Kral's magazine collection on Flickr (via magculture).

Altweeklies is a site that "brings readers the best, most insightful, thought-provoking news and features published in the 126 papers that belong to the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies."

Vintage Ephemera has a marvelous collection of vintage labels, brochures, postcards, certificates and photos for sale pretty cheaply.



nyjsdb.jpgNY JS DB 62
Photographs by David Bailey
Essay by Martin Harrison
Published By Steidl
26 cm x 33 cm
72 pages, 3 colour plates, 24 tritone plates
Clothbound hardcover with a slipcase

I feel like I've been on a bit of a Steidl Press Love Fest lately but I don't care, I want this book. There's something electrifying about your first trip to New York and the excitement of walking around and photographing the streets even without Jean Shrimpton as your model/girlfriend. These photos make me smile. The joy of getting out of the studio and in the streets is there and contagious. Also Jean Shrimpton looks amazing. Also I think it's hilarious that the people at British Vogue told Bailey that as a representitive of the magazine, it'd be better if he didn't wear his leather jacket at the St. Regis Hotel. Heh. Here are some of Bailey's photographs from that period. And there's a pretty good Women's Wear Daily article about Bailey and the book where he's quoted as saying, "Now fashion shoots are like Spielberg films—perfected mediocrity!" And after the jump are some shots from the book...

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outThe April issue of The Believer features an interview with cartoonist and comics educator Scott McCloud by my pal and onetime editor and nemesis, Hillary Chute (a cute girl who is obsessed with comics - a rare creature). Also an interview with filmmaker Mira Nair and writings from Scott Browning and Janeane Garofalo of all people. Covers by Charles Burns as always.

Another sumptuous issue of Fantastic Man is out this month, featuring cover man and hotelier André Balazs. He's rich and can afford a fantastic suit - don't you wish your poor, sloppy ass could? Well, perhaps you can just buy the magazine instead and dream. The issue also features British photographer David Bailey and fashion designer Claude Montana. Flawless typography and sexy paper as always.

Girls Like Us, the ACTUALLY cool lesbian magazine features an interview with the only great singer in American indie-rock - The Gossip front lady Beth Ditto. As always the magazine interviews the most fascinating ladies of dykdom - and sexy lesbro photography that isn't gross. Well, I like looking.

Top Shelf Sale


outTop Shelf publishes a lot of the best young talent in comics - and they've risen to amazing success because of it. To celebrate their 10 year anniversary, this Monday April 9th thru Wednesday April 18th, 125 titles will be on sale - with many beautiful graphic novels for as little as 3 bucks! I cannot BELIEVE that legendary Alan Moore and José Villarrubia's AMAZING The Mirror of Love, a graphic documentary on the history of same-sex love (and Alan is married to a woman isn't he? how sweet of him), which was $24.95, is now only $3!! I just ordered it - I'm sure it will be gone FAST.

Also, my pal Aaron Renier's book, Spiral Bound, which was $14.95, is on sale for $12.00. His book is great for adults or kids - BUY IT!


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