Printed Matter, the world's largest non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of publications made by artists and one of my favorite shopping destinations, is having a spring benefit party at Hiro Ballroom on May 15. The hilarious and genius John Waters is hosting. Performers include Terence Koh, Peaches, Flaming Fire, and the DJs MEN: JD Samson and Joanna Fateman of Le Tigre. Terence Koh's ritual spectacle will result in a limited edition fundraising multiple. MEN play music all night. There's a less expensive after party you can go to if you're not too in the money this month. We love Printed Matter. It's a great cause and you should go and give them money.

Printed Matter Benifit
Tuesday 15 May 2007
Hiro Ballroom at The Maritime Hotel
371 West 16th Street
VIP Reception 7:30 – 9pm
Afterparty 9 – 11pm
tickets here

Girl of My Dreams
200 pages, full color

Lula magazine is a newish British fashion magazine started by Becky Smith and Leith Clark, ex-Vogue people. I like it! Everything in it has such a great girly energy. They mix art and fashion stories well and I'm so psyched that they have so many illustrations. It's full of dreamy photo shoots which feature designers both major and small and thankfully has none of that annoying front of book round-up type of pandering to advertisers stuff that so many other girl-y mags fill up with. I like the way they package a story. For example, in issue #4, there's a big feature on tap dancing which includes a pull out poster with actress Zooey Deschanel demonstrating a tap dance she made up, a fashion illustration story accompanied by text from actress Michelle Williams about her love of tap dancing as a child, photos of girls tapping, and an essay about how all girls love tap dancing. I couldn't have given a crap about tap dancing as a kid and was only interested in skateboarding and book reading but the genuine sweetness and enthusiasm of this piece is contagious. At the end I'm like tap dancing is rad! The whole magazine is like that. It's beautiful. It's cute—and in a fun, exuberant kind of way, not in a cloying fakey sort of way. Flowers, fruit prints, lacy things, lots of sun, an office dog on the masthead, jewelry, sparkly things, and almost no boys anywhere. It gives me an excuse to get in touch with my inner girly-girl (I swear I have one!). Also in issue #4 is a story on Erin Fetherton's fairy princess-like collection shot by Ellen Von Unwerth. I like her. I also like the Sonia Rykiel headbands I saw in another story. So cool! I want them all. My only real complaint is the magazine is too white. Almost every story uses skinny white models and actresses.

Nick Currie isn't just a Print Fetishist, he's a Magazine Pervert, his outlet, Dorama, a store in Japan that carries used magazines.

Flickr Finds: Nancy's impressive collection of music magazines and fanzines.

Picasso's penis is obscene when in cartoon form. [via Jockohomo]

Make your own flip-book!

out The Brave Space Design Hollow End Table is pushing it price wise at $375, but sometimes you have to pay for good, eco-friendly design. It's made of a combination of light and dark bamboo, and at 20 inches high would also be great used as a stool. Magazines can go on either side, leaning vertically, as well as being stuffed flat directly beneath the table surface.

Available at Design Public

Post Road


outPost Road lacks the dry, stuffy quality associated with most old-school literary journals. It's not only well edited and written - but actually entertaining. What's refreshing is the eclecticism and lack of ostentatiousness in their choices - you get the sensation of a smart and super-cool coffee clutch firing off ideas to each other. Post Road publishes criticism, fiction, non-fiction, poetry (we'll forgive them that) as well as some visual art (though not their strong point). They also have great book recommendations (written more as a pal telling you than as formal review) and a section entitled "Etcetera," which houses anything from a description of a walking tour to twenty questions for David Mamet.

Issue #13 is out now. Available at St. Marks Books or online here.

Post Road is currently conducting a fiction and poetry contest, with a $1000 prize for winners. Apply here.

The pic above is my cover for issue #11, read the essay I wrote for it here. Yes, I'm totally biased. Deal.

mags.jpgThe Spring issue of the lovely Acne Paper is out and the theme is playfulness. Just look at the jaunty angles of those hats! Contributors include Ali Mahdavi, Roger Deckker, Benjamin Alexander Huseby, Vanity Fair's Christopher Mason. The fabulous Iris Apfel is in there as well as the AD of all of Pedro Almodovar's films. Great issue.

This month's Dazed and Confused has Kate Moss on the cover in clothes from her Top Shop line. I like the cover. I'm a sucker for a gatefold and the shot is all relaxed and nice. What else... a tribute to Derek Jarman from the likes of Tilda Swinton, Seamus McGarvey, and Neil Tennant, a piece on 19th century gangs, and 1920s fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli.

Hm, I haven't looked at Adbusters in a while... The theme of this issue is "The Beginning of Sorrow." It has a scary article on the rise of the internet police state, an interview with French political activists The Dismantlers, and an article about how fucked Britain's youth are.

umbrella.pngUmbrella is a quarterly art journal that covers artists' books, mail art, and other multiple editions including audio and video works. They published a print version from 1978 to 2005 and then moved online. Indiana University-Perdue University Indianapolis' Library now has a searchable archive of all their back issues. Go poke around and see reviews of all sorts of old books and magazines, interviews with artists, thoughts on anything from computer cataloging of images to performance art collaborations, and notes from parties and events. You can also subscribe to Umbrella online at their site.

Our fabulous friend Betty just started a blog called First Person List: An Insider Art Guide to Happenings, Performances, and Openings. Hm, I Can't Seem to Stop Initial Capping Every Word! whew. anyway. Check Betty's blog for something extra cool to do. She's usually in NYC but sometimes wanders off to other places like London or SF. I know this doesn't really have anything to do with print or magazines but I'm sure invites to the best magaziney parties will show up on her blog...

Get Out


The only good lesbo mag around, Girls Like Us, is having a party tonight for their new issue. If you're in NY, come meet us there. Here's the flyer:



The Mobos Rectangle Display Container
is playful, colorful and slightly out of the ordinary - making it an excellently bold magazine rack. It attaches to your wall using the Mobos display bar, which can be cut to size - the longer the better, because for the full effect you'd want to mix and match colors and a few circle and square containers, which can be used as planters (the rectangles can be as well).

The Mobos Rectangles are $40 each, circles $36, squares $30, available at Rose and Radish.


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