After Dark was a mainstream entertainment magazine that was pretty gay back in the 70's. It was run and written by smart New York homos who mostly covered theater, dance and movie stars they thought were fabulous and/or sexy. Basically they covered whoever the hell they wanted in much the same vein as Index or Butt. They unabashedly featured photography of naked dancers (and a notorious nude of a certain California governor) alongside entertainment coverage. After Dark was owned and run by Dance Magazine, a company both myself and Ms. Keough worked for– so we got our hands on this old book, Pose, from 1973, that collects some of After Dark's lovely black and white photography.

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FRIDAY: Photographer Mike Brodie who's book I recently reviewed has a show at SF's Needles + Pens. It opens tonight. If I were anywhere near SF I'd totally go. 6-9:30. Needles + Pens. 3253 16th Street. SF, CA.

SATURDAY: Printed Matter is finally open again after their annual inventory and I am psyched to go shopping there. This Saturday they're having a party and t-shirt sale. One Size Fits All: Artists’ T-Shirt Summer Spectacular kicks off at 4 and there'll be beers and djs and an ice cream truck and t-shirts hanging from the ceiling, the windows, and clotheslines all over the store. Here's the laundry list of artists involved: William Bahan, Douglas Groupp, Maya Hayuk, heartschallenger, Kayrock and Wolfy, Nelson Loskamp and Uzi, Noah Lyon, Maya Miller, j. morrison, Asher Penn, Jasper Sebastian Stürup, Eric Shaw, Adam Shecter, Elizabeth Sporleder. 4-7. Printed Matter. 195 Tenth Avenue. NYC.

SUNDAY: And Sunday? Well, hm. I want to go see Husbands at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. Perhaps I'll drop by P.S. 1 on my way and see the Linder show. Linder is the British artist who did the Buzzcocks' Orgasm Addict cover among other cool things.

cover.jpgGuttural Journal
Published by Cederteg Publishing
5.5" x 8.5", 36 pages
edition of 100

Guttural Journal is a yearly photo zine from Swedish publishing house Cederteg Publishing. Tony Cederteg and his art direction team Sandberg & Timonen put out limited run fashion, photo and drawing zines. They're cheap and slim and really good. This first issue of Guttural Journal is in black and white and includes work by Armen Danilian, Linda Berlin, Todd Fisher, Jesper Ulvelius, Kento Mori, Magda Lipka Falck and Kristian Bengtsson. In this book I'm interested more in the formal aspects of the work (the textures and the shapes) than the people or events depicted. The pattern of pillow creases on an arm and back followed by the pattern of thin branches flash lit against the night sky--the second image almost creates a negative of the first. These particular ones are by Jesper Ulvelius. I've mentioned before that I've been into his work lately. Cederteg has a bunch of stuff out later this month, so keep an eye out while browsing your favorite zine store or read their blog. Two more pages from this zine after the jump...

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Jeff Bridges signed on to star as Vanity Fair's Graydon Carter in the film adaptation of Toby Young's How to Lose Friends & Alienate People. (via Bold Type)

Tintin in the Congo has been pulled from the children's section of Border's and re-shelved in adult graphic novels due to complaints about its racist content. (via Bold Type)

Page 23 is a myspace blog that reviews new, mostly indie, fiction and interviews writers. (via Book Slut)

Salon interviews former carpenter turned food magazine editor Ed Behr about his magazine The Art of Eating and its 20th anniversary. I'm obsessed with food writing right now so I'm interested in this. (via Book Slut)

In who cares news, Vibe Vixen ceases publication with the August/September issue.

Along the same lines, according to WWD Jane subscribers will most likely have their subscriptions filled out with issues of Glamour. Ew!

In non-magazine news, tomorrow is my birthday. Woo!

outLet's step back and get a l'il more classic this week. I'm a fan of this black magazine table and its scalloped edges and leather piping look. This table would be perfect for displaying my collection of Nest magazines (if I had a larger apartment), or any swanky mag collection that is never intended for the dust heap. If you're going to buy a table this size, with the magazines displayed up off of the ground, upright with spines legible, you obviously want it and the magazines to be seen–so I mostly imagine it placed between two windows (not beside a chair or couch), with a few carefully chosen art books arranged on the lower shelf.

available at for $179.99

coffee.gifI just ducked into this coffee shop on the way to the train. I'm running a little late but it's so nice to just sit here and look around. The days of hanging around all day in coffee shops and record stores are long over for me but right now I'm having a moment. It's pouring rain outside, the coffee shop workers are singing along to The Supremes, I'm in the middle of a crossword puzzle, and there are some cute coffee drinkers here today. I have a copy of this adorable zine from years ago called Coffee Shop Crushes where in comic and short story form various artists and zinesters tell their stories of café love. I went looking around and found that Microcosm Publishing rereleased it earlier this year. Submissions include Nicole Georges (Invincible Summer), Shannon Wheeler (Too Much Coffee Man), Greig (Clutch), Aaron Renier (Spiral Bound), and Brad Adkins (Charm Bracelet). Buy from Microcosm directly and stay dry if you're in New York.

spr-recs.pngThe Art of Music
Secret Project Robot
Brooklyn, NY
Saturday July 21, 8-11pm

Tomorrow night Secret Project Robot gallery in Williamsburg is having a show of handmade, original, and limited edition record art by collectors, artists and bands. There will be work by great Providence band Lightning Bolt, spazzy art collective Paper Rad, British post-punk band Scritti Politti, early '80s LA punks 100 Flowers, no wave label guy with awesome name Dan Seltzer/Acute Records, Brooklyn screenprinters Kayrock Screenprinting, record labels Social Registry and Troubleman, East Village gallery Little Cakes, and more. I'm looking forward to this. I love record cover art. I have so many favorites. While looking around for some of my own favorites, I ran across this list of Beck's favorite record covers and this selection of some of the worst record covers known to man--love Heino, glad he made the list!

outApparently architects, at one time or another, believed in something. From April 12th through September 9th the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal presents Clip/Stamp/Fold: The Radical Architecture of Little Magazines 1962-1979. For those of who can't make it, the website features covers and descriptions of these DIY architecture 'zines, self-published by architecture students and school associations.

Flickr Finds: Victorian Ephemera

Joseph Cornell
was a print fetishist–one can only imagine the stacks of periodicals, books and picture postcards populating his home and irritating his mother as they fell over and into the hallways. He was probably my favorite artist in high school, and a little trendy in New Orleans I must admit, where countless artists assemble curio cabinets. The entire city in fact might be seen as one of these dream boxes, filled with faded images, wax figures and broken vintage toys. Joseph Cornell is also one of the few major artists of any interest to be seen at the New Orleans Museum of Art, where I spent many free Thursday afternoons wishing I could grab one of his boxes to play with, as it was meant to be. The Peabody Essex Museum in Salem Massachusetts has put up a lovely flash site exhibit of many of Cornell's boxes and journals. For the first time you can "flip" through pages and see videos of boxes being opened, touched and played with.

Tonight, July 19th at 7PM Dominic Priore signs copies of his new book Riot On The Sunset Srip: Rock'N’Rroll's Last Stand In 60’S Hollywood at Spoonbill & Sugartown on Bedford Ave. in Brooklyn.

Art Metropole


ELLWOODbutt.jpgArt Metropole is a gallery, archive, and distributor of contemporary art in multiple format: artists books, multiples, video, audio, electronic media, etc. It was founded in Toronto in 1974 by the art group General Idea. Go spend some time looking around their site. They sell anything and everything from a $14,000 Raymond Pettibon zine set (I wonder how much my one Pettibon zine is worth... too bad I'll never sell!) to $2 postcards from gallery shows. Their periodicals section is also wicked impressive and carries issues of General Idea's own magazine FILE from the '70s as well as new issues of mags like Girls Like Us and The Wire.

Aside from selling and archiving stuff, Art Metropole also curates shows and events. Right now they have a print-media project called Advertising By Artists where four artists make advertisements for Art Metropole in five different publications over the course of fifteen months. Cecilia Berkovic, Stephen Ellwood, Nestor Kruger and Yoko Ono are making ads for Border Crossings, Butt, Cabinet, They Shoot Homos Don't They and The Wire. Pictured above is Stephen Ellwood's ad for Butt.

You can search the entire Art Metropole Collection here. And the National Gallery of Canada has a PDF of the history of Art Metropole and its events for download here.

screen.pngMr. Mcginnis and I have some poster ideas we've been kicking around for a while. Last week we got some silk screening stuff at a friend's sidewalk sale and took it as a sign that we should get moving on this project. I've been searching around for some helpful how-tos and found these:

This most thorough Silkscreen How-To in all the world from Fecal Face is good for doing multiple colors in the old school way. Lots of clear photos and description.

Craftgrrl's LiveJournal has a good tutorial for some quick and easy 1-color screen printing. This is a great way to get started.

Artist Shannon Gerard (her website is cute!) gives a thorough and amusing tutorial on Jim Munroe's Blog No Media Kings. With the help of the Virgin Mary and Spiderman, she shows us how to screen posters and t-shirts.

Make:Zine's Bre Pettis and's screenprinting expert Matt Stinchcomb's How to Screenprint T-shirts Weekend Projects podcast gives some helpful advice as well. And it's nice to be able to see them in action.


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