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Man, this magazine is a dream. I don't know what I can say beyond showing you the above photographs from the current issue... Each issue is thick with huge gorgeous photos of hot rods and custom cars both new and old. Their articles are a good balance of history, enthusiasm and information. If you're into working on cars, you'll be psyched but if you're not just bask in the wonderful images of these big tough cars. Buy Rodder's Journal from their site or any newsstand.

Hello. I have returned from the beach/country/mountains/parents' basement and am working on my back to school outfits—a little late though as school starts today. Here are a few links to get us back in the mood...

The NYT Freakanomics blog had its readers submit questions for Playboy's editorial director Chris Napolitano. And he answered them all. This is the longest Q&A I've seen in some time. I can't actually finish reading it until I make some more coffee.

Search & Destroy notes the redesign of Another Magazine. Our take on the subject coming soon.

My friend Melissa's book, based on her blog about being a NYC yellow cab driver, just came out. Go buy it. And read this feature on her in, ew, USA Today.

Swedish fashion mag Modette folds but lives on via their website.

Happy Labor Day and stuff! Now, let's get back to work.

outWhen will people learn that flash sites are not always the way to go? I would give you a link directly to this, but, since the whole site is flash, I cannot. Anyway–check out this magazine stack wallpaper (click "on the wall," then "wallpaper by the meter"). Totally cute, and they have stacked softcover books, hardcover books and paper stacks wallpaper as well. Wallpaper is soooooo in right now.

Flickr Finds: After Dark magazine before 1973

The unedited, free flowing, gayer version of On the Road, written on a single scroll of paper, is out this month. (I DO have a nostalgic affinity for Jack.... but I love Genet much more, who wrote Our Lady of the Flowers on a roll of scratchy, brown prison toilet paper... TWICE. Jack WISHES he were Genet. Like SO many suburban runnaways, Jack thought sucking cock might make him a better writer.)

roundup4.jpgAugust is almost over and our end of summer vacay is winding to a close. Soon we, in our somewhat business-y attire, will get back to work. In the meantime, here are three good August issues.

Intersection, Dazed Media's sexy car mag, has expanded into the air and water. In this issue they drop an Audi TT into a pool, spend a lot of time lazing around on boats showing off some hot deck shoes while discussing the future of boat design, and interview Adrian Van Hooydonk the new head of car design for BMW (I'm personally not sure how I feel about this dude). The magazine, as usual, looks great and fills me with a gearhead's joy. --Wait, I have a side note question: Does Dazed Media still own Intersection or is it on its own? It seems like they are and are now based in NY...

The August issue of French Vogue has Cindy Sherman dressing herself up crazily in Balenciaga and layers of foundation, a tastefully mostly naked Claudia Schiffer talking about her return to work with Karl Lagerfeld, etc., Hedi Slimane shooting some girls, and a weird Mario Testino-shot tribute to Anna Wintour.

This issue of The Believer has Nick Hornby interviewing David Simon writer/creator of the best show ever on TV The Wire. Since I am a person without cable, it took me a while to get Season 4 and now I'm in the midst of ignoring everyone I know in favor of obsessing over/watching it. Also inside is an interview with the awesome Nancy Wilson of the awesome band Heart, stories on cartoonist Fletcher Hanks and writer/jazz musician Boris Vian, and an essay entitled The Official Guide to Official Handbooks which talks about class, status, exclusivity, preppies, boarding school, hipsters, our obsessions with insiders and outsiders, etc.

booksale3.jpgDUMBO's PowerHouse Books kicks off their big summer sale tomorrow but rumor has it, it's already begun. They have tons of art, fashion, and pop culture books as well as limited editions, weird objects and children's books. According to their site, the sale includes books by Larry Fink, Danny Lyon, Patrick McMullan, Jeff Bridges, Helen Levitt, Bruce Gilden, Ari Marcopoulos, David Yellen, Janette Beckman, Martha Cooper, Ricky Powell, Richard Hell, and the Beastie Boys, among many others. Get down there and buy yourself some end of summer presents. 37 Main Street, Brooklyn, NY. For info, call 212 604-9074 x101 or check the site.



Dear readers, expect light scattered postings this week as I am away and relaxing. I'm currently in Boulder in my parents' basement. The dog and I are watching cartoons. Later I'll do some yoga. Tomorrow I'm headed out on a mountain adventure with my dad and his friend. I do plan on dropping by the Denver Zine Library this week and I'll be doing some magazine shopping at Boulder Books as well. So check back in, I'll keep you updated, and have a lovely August week. I hope it's not too swelteringly hot where you are—it was 98 in Denver last night when I landed.

2001_logo_lg.pngThe 7th annual Portland Zine Symposium starts tomorrow and I wish I was there for it. I'm not a big conference attender or group activity participator but I am pro traveling around and meeting new people. And I seriously love Portland. And that rare occasion where you attend one of these events and unearth some fantastic little zine/record/person makes it worth showing up. Over the next two days, they'll be tons of workshops that cover everything from tips for Gocco printing to queer zines to how to make a zine for free as well as a big room of tables selling zines and other lil stuff. I believe there are also some parties with bands. See the site for more info and a schedule. If you're in the neighborhood, go to the Zine Symposium and come back and tell us about it. And make sure to take advantage of the many other things Portland has to offer, including but certainly not limited to beer, sitting on porches, Powell's Books (the largest independent bookstore in the world!), thrift shopping, cheap food, nice pals, cute boys, and late night wanderings. Pictured above is the poster from the 2001 zine symposium. This years' dates are August 11-12.

Crafty things


ifnbooks.jpgI had a crafty morning today. I woke up, looked around, and realized two terrible things: my favorite pants and belt both needed serious fixing and the last page in my current notebook had been used. I set to work and sewed up the pants, glued the belt, and made myself a new notebook with some leftover computer paper, cardboard, house paint and tape. Whew. Such crazy crafting inspired me to search around the internet for crafty websites, specifically those who might supply me with a better new notebook than the messy one I'd just slapped together. I found this preview of a documentary called Handmade Nation. Faythe Levine, the filmmaker behind the project, traveled all over the US interviewing over 50 indie crafty types—sewers, knitters, bookmakers, screenprinters, etc. They interview Breezy from Needles + Pens (we love them!) in SF, and someone from Dirt Palace in Providence. While watching, I discovered a little webshop called If'n Books and Marks. They make super nice handmade books and journals and albums. I'm going to get one. Handmade Nation is not totally finished and if you're interested in seeing the whole thing, help them out by buying something from their Etsy shop. Pictured above is If'n's Wood Buttonhole Stitch Photo Album.

outThe Bell Magazine Rack is very sturdy, modern, made of wood and finished in mahogany. I've seen it on other sites in a variety of stains, but it's definitely the cheapest on the Bellacore site at $161.00. I envision it pushed up against the wall, not necessarily next to a couch or chair, to add a geometric detail to a room. It kind of looks like playground equipment - and I do wonder what it might look like stripped and painted a bright primary color (I love primary colors). This would be a fairly easy design to replicate with a trip to the lumber yard, and in fact you probably could improve upon it by making it larger. If you're frugal, you can't afford to be afraid of hammer, nails and wood glue.

available at Bellacor for $161.00

What a humid, snoozy Tuesday. I'm totally in bed lounging on pillows next to the big window fan with a pile of magazines and newspapers, a bagel and a large bottle of seltzer. At some point I'm going to get up and go do stuff, but I'd like to prolong this moment for as long as I can. Here are some links for you:

I'm pleased to read that the NYT will no longer charge for the TimeSelect section. How annoying was that!

In yawn zzzzz news, PDN says Stuff magazine will be folded into Maxim this fall by their new owners.

The Portland Zine Symposium is this weekend. If you are in Portland, go to this and send us a report!

PingMag has a good interview with Japanese artist Kenichiro Mizuno. Tons of pictures to look at as well.


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