roundup100.jpgI am turning more and more into an S.P.P. (secret pretty princess) and I blame Lula Magazine. This issue is full of rainbows, references to Strawberry Shortcake, glamour, psychedelica, flowy stuff, flowers, hot eye makeup, girls in bands, girls who paint, TWO Ellen Von Unwerth shoots—one super sharp and sexy and bright and the other (of adorable French actress Clémence Poésy) super cool cyan-y and actually kind of crazy looking, artist Susan Cianciolo, hair dye, tie dye, playtime, dreamers, dreamyness, and my one true love Martha Plimpton. Whew! I am inspired to wear the tie-dye shirt LV just gave me, put a flower in my hair, and soak up some California sun.

Uma Thurman looks gorgeous on the current issue of Another Magazine. I cannot however say the same for their new logo. Anyway, logo issues aside, the magazine is still good. Spring/summer collections, an article about the amazing Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto, Richard Burbridge's diamonds and pearls shoot is wicked hot, Paris street fashion, exploration of the boundaries of hair and fashion resulting in some insanely enormous hair sculpture situations and yet more hot eye makeup, Angelica Houston is and looks awesome. One thing I love about Another Magazine is that they always make people look fantastic. Like when they had Pam Anderson on the cover...I've never seen her look better. Also, can we discuss for a moment how nuts the advertising in this issue is? Insane gatefolds like crazy, different paper stocks, a totally weird poster of Kate Hudson posing in Stella McCartney underwear, etc.

Dazed and Confused's March issue is the Around the World issue. They follow fun electro pop sensation CSS home to Brazil and tell us about cluster bombs and other horrors leftover in Loas from the Vietnam war. Paul Thomas Anderson interviews Paul Dano about their movie There Will Be Blood which I keep forgetting to see. Disco makes a comeback. They talk to producer Nile Rodgers, Michael Pitt and Brady Corbett, writer Helen Walsh, and art zine The Quiet Life celebrates its 10 year anniversary.


Eddy Pramono's Wings magazine Rack from Novica knocked me out of my mag rack doldrums as soon as I caught sight of it. It has all of the qualities I look for in home design - it's multi-functional, made of sustainable materials (Balinese sono wood) and is completely modern. This brilliant design works as a centerpiece bowl, or folds for use as a mag rack. In either mode it cuts a very unique silhouette, unlike anything I've seen in quite a while. It's Innovative, but maintains an earthy warmth that can fit into many different interior styles. To sweeten the deal, it's pretty cheap.

Wings Magazine Rack, available for $62.95 at Novica

Been busy lately.... but the truth to my lack of posts is that I have so many things to read, and so much to say about so much I've been reading, that I'm completely overwhelmed. Being up to date is hard work! Ok, now for some links.

Taschen is having a big-ass clearance sale with titles up to %50 off! Now is a great time to get Wolfgang Tillman's truth study center for only $15.

No Media Kings is also having a sale, so throw a virtual dart and buy something. I myself just started reading the beautifully illustrated Therefore Repent.

Flickr Finds: bcash67 record cover collection.


Bookendless is a blog out of Tokyo that covers photography, design and architecture books. No reviews, but great interior shots of the recommended books.

butt22.jpgFriday February 29: Butt Magazine party in the West Village. Hosted by BUTT buddy Michael Bullock and new BUTT interviewee Paul Mpagi Sepuya. Meet new friends, pick up the new issue of BUTT for free. (They're bringing 50 issues so come early!) 9pm 'til late. Julius' 159 W 10th St. @ Waverly Place

Saturday March 1: Printed Matter is having a party for the publication of Farimani, a collection of works by artists, critical theorists, and musicians. Printed Matter. 195 Tenth Ave. 5-7pm. Free.

Through March 30: Writer, New Yorker photography critic, fellow magazine collector/nerd Vince Aletti is showing pieces from his collection at White Columns. The show is called "Male." Says the website: "Eschewing any hierarchical distinctions, and featuring more than 100 photographs, drawings, sculptures, and paintings, the exhibition juxtaposes works by celebrated figures with works by emerging artists, alongside anonymously authored images and flea market finds." White Columns is also publishing a collection of Aletti's '70s music column, Disco File. Omg I want it! More on this later. White Columns. 320 W 13th St. Enter on Horatio. Ongoing. Free.

Random Linkums


magazines22.jpgFor just about everything you want to know but are afraid to ask about magazine history and production get Inside the Great Magazines, a 3-part documentary by DLI productions. Part one starts in London in 1731 with the production of the first magazine, then goes to Paris for the first published photographs and onward to Life Magazine, Vanity Fair and beyond. Watch the intro on YouTube and buy the set from DLI directly. (via Mr. Magazine)

Gawker took a cue from Magazine Death Pool and had their readers weigh in on 2008's Dead and Dying Magazines. Mr. Death Pool's response here.

Possibly a new Martha Stewart title in the works? Getting right back on the horse after the demise of Blueprint (sigh). More info here. (via MagCulture)

FAMOUSflyerfront.jpgI'm just going to admit it, one of the reasons I'm telling you about this show is because I have a photo in it. BUT, all that aside, Famous Magazine is having a weekend full of fun events at Outrageous Look Gallery in Williamsburg. They are celebrating their New York issue: Nobody is Famous in New York. There're so many great people in this issue and most, if not all, of them have work in the group show. On the flyer, pictured here, is a photograph by Hanna and Klara Liden.

Friday February 22: opening reception for the group show. 6pm. Free.

Saturday February 23: reading by DrunknSailors, a piratey selection of tough writers including our awesome friend Jess Arndt, Anna Dunn, Peter Greiner, Mary Dowd, and Mya Spalter. 7pm. Performance by Stay High and djs. 10pm.

Sunday February 24: performance by the Callers, a band from Providence, RI. 7pm.

Outrageous Look Gallery is at 103 Broadway at Berry in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. See below for the full list of artists involved.

Continue Reading Get Out!: Famous Magazine

loganswimsuit.jpgSwimsuit Edition
by Logan MacDonald
4.25" x 5.5", 36 pages, stapled
Black and white inside
Edition of 100

Inside this small edition you will find a whole oceanside world, which includes banana hammocks, swim meets and swim meat, old ladies in old bathing costumes, flame-like pubic hair, hopeful mermaids, and lots of hot posing. The draw-er, Logan MacDonald, is a member of a Canadian trio of queers called The Third Leg. I like his style. It has this kind of old fashioned feeling. I'm not sure exactly what I mean by that but I see it in the gaze of the sexy gentleman holding a diving ring or the poise of the lady in the bathing cap or the strength of the bearded Poseidon-like daddy toweling off. He mixes that with some morbid humor—Let's Die! in bold lettering next to some people tanning in front of a giant crab, a man who's arms end in a weird web of veiny things, or a crossed out woman getting abducted by aliens. Also included in this, ahem, package are a cut-out of the bust of a cowboy, Mr. MacDonald's business card, and what looks like a drawing of a made-up horror pulp novel.

Buy this zine from Cinders Gallery.

Tonight: The Hamburger Eyes book is officially out and the hamburgers are having a party for it at their space, The Hamburger Eyes Photo Epicenter. Today is also the anniversary of the space opening and the birthday of the magazine. This party I'm sure will be hella fun. Too bad for me it's in SF. 26 Lilac Street, San Francisco. 5pm. Free.

Friday February 15: Albert Maysles, half of the great documentary filmmaking and brotherly duo responsible for such amazings as Grey Gardens and Gimme Shelter, will be signing copies of his book at Stephen Kasher gallery. I love this guy. Side note: I assisted on a shoot for Kate Spade once and Mr. Maysles was one of the models. He was wonderful to talk to and kept falling asleep everywhere. His book, A Maysles Scrapbook, is full of photos, stills, notes and other writings and accompanies an exhibition of Mr. Maysles photographs at the gallery. Stephen Kasher. 521 W. 23rd St. 6-8pm. Free.


Saturday February 16: A launch party for Habitus magazine's third issue. The theme is Buenos Aires. 2 Obras magazine is co-hosting and making its New York debut. Argentine artists Damian Kaliyeski and Dulce Sturla will have work on display. The Gowanus Studio Space. 119 8th Street, Brooklyn. 8-11. Free.

Also Saturday February 16: This isn't exactly something you can leave your apartment for, but worth mentioning anyway... The online shop for Swedish store Ashtray launches today. They sell books and clothes and cool stuff. I'm looking forward to having a browse.

lukeramsey.jpegThe Beholder is a San Francisco-based webshop/gallery that sells affordable artwork by artists from all over the place. Some of the artists are represented by the gallery and others sell their stuff on consignment. The wonderful Luke Ramsey from Islands Fold has a lot of work there and so does an old SVA classmate of ours, Joyce Lee. The Beholder is a good place to start for the young collector or anyone who wants some cool art for their apt. walls. (Pictured: Luke Ramsey's Simple Spoon.)

Analogue Books, the Edinburgh book shop who makes the Running Amok zines among many other projects, has an online store that sells books, prints, and clothes. They aren't selling magazines other than Running Amok on the site but there are many good books to buy.

Dashwood Books is this kick ass bookstore on Bond Street in New York that sells only photography books. I can't allow myself to go there very often because I want to buy like everything. The shop is run by David Strettell the former Cultural Director of Magnum Photos. You don't have to be in New York to have access to all these amazing books... You can buy anything from super limited edition signed books to more affordable stuff directly from their online shop.

sara.jpgFriday February 8: Publish and Be Damned opens at the Goethe Institut’s Ludlow 38. Dude! Publish and Be Damned is a public library consisting of over 300 international publications, assembled since 2004. The collection includes fanzines Ziggy, Zowie, Blondiak, Dark Star, Useless; magazines Control, Pablo internacional, Inventory; critical journals Dot Dot Dot, Copenhagen Free University/Infopool, Metronome, Anarchitektur, Fucking Good Art; plus glossy periodicals such as CRASH!, Re-Magazine and video and cassette editions including Audio Theory and Audio Arts. Ludlow 38. 38 Ludlow, btw Grand and Hester. 7-9pm. Free.

Saturday February 9: Co-editor of North Drive Press, Sara Greenberger Rafferty has an installation in the show that's opening Saturday at D'Amelio Terras gallery in Chelsea. The press release says, "Rooted in Vaudeville, slapstick, and 1960's stand-up routine, Sara Greenberger Rafferty's work uses comedy as an accessible language through which one can investigate political, social, historical, and interpersonal concerns." It also mentions Carol Burnett and an overturned table. I'm into checking it out. 3 Rooms. D'Amelio Terras. 525 W. 22nd St. 6-8pm. Free.

Sunday February 10: Heeb, the new jew review, presents an evening of readings at Joe's Pub. Billed as a chatty get-together, this event's theme is “Sex, Drugs & Gefilte Fish” which is also the name of their upcoming story anthology. Featured writers include Rachel Shukert (Have You No Shame?) and Alix Strauss (The Joy of Funerals). Joe's Pub. 425 Lafayette St. 7pm. $15.

(pictured: an image by Sara Greenberger Rafferty.)


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