Nick Currie (aka Momus) waxes on the magazines he'd be reading from the newsagents before the internet (wonderful visual examples included), the decline of magazines and the closing of Japanese editor/publisher Amano Yukichi's magazine Kokoku Hihyo as an example.

Flickr finds: Hand painted signage around New Orleans from Skeleton Krewe

Get Out: 7:30 tonight at the NYU/The Bronfman Center (7 East 10th Street, New York) Habitus magazine hosts a reading and conversation with celebrated Dutch novelist and journalist Arnon Grunberg.

I was browsing around St. Marks Bookshop last night and noticed a sign on their door that said St. Marks Bookshop turns 30 this year. I looked online to see if they were planning any festivities and it seems like they aren't. However, you should go there and buy stuff and continue supporting their fantasticness. St. Marks Bookshop is the first place I saw Butt Magazine and they've introduced me to many other great publications over the years. Happy Birthday, St. Marks Bookshop!

Oh lordy. [via MagCulture]

The Onion has a huge gallery of amusing and sometimes even hilarious fake weekend magazine covers here. [also via MagCulture]

Danish gallery TTC has a new website with a new and huge zine shop. Go shop around. Also if you are in the vicinity of Copenhagen, they're having a show of photographs from Ice-T Body Count, a new book of black and white photographs from 37 journeys in 17 countries taken by 13 photographers over the last 11 years.

Put A Egg On It


Put A Egg On It
By R&S
Published by R&S
New York
5.5" x 8.5" , 8 pages
Full color
$2.00 + shipping

Before we knew each other, both Ms. Keough and I made lots of little zines, but in all the years we've known each other we haven't done one together... till NOW! Is it about hot naked guys?! Is it about late night rock and roll punk rock messes?! Is it about avant-garde fashion!? NO! Its about the fact that our mamas taught us how to cook and we love to hang out with our friends and eat good food! For the first issue Ms. Keough wrote most everything and did all the photography, while I did all the illustration and design. It's short and cute (like Ms. Keough) and cheap (like Ms. Keough) and comes with a button (like Ms. keough)!

Available at the R&S Print Store for $2.00

OMG, yes.... it's getting harder and harder and harder to find well designed magazine racks (which is why I haven't been doing this every week, like I'm trying to)... especially ones that aren't prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, some of the best designs aren't very expensive, like the Rak, a wood veneer magazine rack from Habitat in the UK. Solutions that aren't overly complicated is what great design is all about, and this mag rack definitely achieves that. I'd pay a little more for it if it was actually real wood, though.

Rak is available in oak or natural veneers at Habitat for £15.00



8.5 x 11", 136 pages,
BW, photocopied, perfect bound

Yesterday was the first really gorgeous day of Spring and I spent it wandering around Chelsea looking at stuff. In the back of my mind I knew I was supposed to go to a party for the first issue of VECTOR but I couldn't figure out where and when. En route to the train, I ran into a friend on her way to the party which was half a block away. How serendipitous!

from Otherlife by Hadassa Goldvicht

VECTOR is a journal of writing by artists, however not all the entries are made up entirely of words. One of my favorite pieces is a paper cutout collage situation by Cheryl Donegan (one page pictured after the jump). She makes the most out of the limitations of the printing process (photocopying) and residual bits of ink and weird lines become part of the work. Lars Norgard's journal entries about selling art, his pregnant wife, getting sick and being a crazy OCD nutcase are also a highlight. Photographer Erica Baum contributed some cool grainy images of UFO sightings and some prose poems made from first person accounts of the events. Also included are faxes, essays, interviews, lists, missed connections, notes, etc. Overall, VECTOR #1 is a decent first issue and I'm looking forward to seeing more.

VECTOR #1 is downloadable in PDF form from their website. You can buy a print copy for $10, also directly from them.

Continue Reading Vector



vsiman.pngI have a tendency to gloss over while looking through the fashion section at Universal News. There are so many enormous European fashion magazines and I can't tell most of them apart. The stories all kind of blend together and I find myself unable to remember anything specific about each issue. But Vs. Magazine, also a large fashion, etc. mag from Europe, rises above the rest. The stuff they cover isn't that unique: fashion designers, rock bands, an actor or two. So what is it that makes Vs. so good? Well, first of all, the photography is just fucking gorgeous. And I think what really makes Vs. different from its peers is the maturity of its content. You get the feeling that everything is well-considered—the section of interviews in the middle of the book is printed on matte paper and all the photos are black and white. They're smart. They are enthusiastic but not spazzy. They have a clear voice and they stick to it.

Pages from the current issue (I believe its their 4th), after the jump...

Continue Reading Vs.

It would make us very happy if ya'll bought a Print Fetish Tote bag, or visited the Print Fetish Amazon store to alleviate our hosting costs. However, since I'm ever so nice (bitch, cunty, pure evil... but nice) I offer you the first PF Wallpaper. I like wallpapers, they're fun to do and ease the pain of doing lame ass paid work.

Download PF Wallpaper 1

Constance is a limited edition art magazine out of New Orleans that premiered in the aftermath of Katrina. New Orleans, in my opinion, is an undervalued center for the arts, so I was very excited to see this extremely well put together full color magazine that showcases artists and writers living and working in my favorite city. The second issue of Constance, Delicate Burdens is out now.

Why the name "Constance" and What is Constance's editorial mission?

Cord Bueker, JNR and I lived on Constance Street before the storm. We lived on a great block. Our year there was very important for my personal and work development. It was a creative household and we had fantastic neighbors. We had originally conceived a sort of exquisite corpse of Cord’s work and mine and wanted to publish it in a book form. However, the storm put the wrench in those plans, so as we slowly returned to NOLA, I had him help me conceptualize the theme of ‘Replicas and Replacements’. After the storm, Constance was more necessary than ever for collecting and cataloging peoples’ work that never really had a chance for gallery space as well as up-and-coming, younger artists. Constance, at its core, wants to create a historical document of the times in which it is published. The aim of the publication is to let people outside the city know that there are still people working in the visual and literary arts. And then to share that work outside of a city that can be so insular about sharing its work.

Continue Reading PF Interview: Erik Kiesewetter, Editor and Designer of Constance

I mostly made this because Ms. Keough loves totes, and wanted a personalized one to carry magazines home in. HEY! Here is an idea... YOU can buy one too! Fierce.


Print Fetish Tote $15.99 at The R&S CafePress store.

Wednesday April 2nd: Dave Eggers, of McSweeneys and novels with long titles fame, has organized a show at Apex Art which opens today. Says Eggers in the press release: "This show will explore a very small and specific type of artmaking exemplified by contemporary people like David Shrigley, Raymond Pettibon, Nedko Solakov, and Tucker Nichols. This kind of art, which we refuse to name, is somewhat crude, usually irreverent, and always funny. It exists somewhere between one-panel cartoons and text-based art." Apex Art. 291 Church St. 6-8pm. Free.

Thursday April 3rd: Ryan Mcginley's show I Know Where the Summer Goes opens at Team. 83 Grand St. 6-8pm. Free.

Ari Marcopolis is signing copies of his new book The Chance is Higher at Dashwood Books. This hardcover book is 72 pages of gorgeous photocopies and numbered in an edition of 50. Get over there and grab one right away. Dashwood Books. 33 Bond St. 6-9pm. Free.

(page from The Chance is Higher)

Our friend Julian Myers is presenting two events at Artists Space this week. Thursday's event is called Riot Show and is a structured presentation of archival recordings of crowd violence at rock shows. And on Saturday, Mirror-Travel in the Motor City: "an experimental and collaborative lecture with Edgar Arceneaux on the subject of Michael Heizer's earthwork Dragged Mass, urban resistance, buried sites, basement parties, and afro-futurism." More info here. Artists Space. 38 Greene St. Each event $5.

Friday April 4th: Gregory Crewdson opening at Luhring Augustine. Luhring Augustine. 531 W. 24th St. 6-8pm. Free.

Saturday April 5th: fierce pussy opening (ha I can't even type that without giggling) at Printed Matter. fierce pussy is a collective of lesbros/queer women committed to creating public art and performing direct action around issues of lesbian identity and visibility. They were active in New York from 1991-1995. Core member included Pam Brandt, Nancy Brooks Brody, Joy Episalla, Alison Froling, Zoe Leonard, Suzanne Wright, and Carrie Yamaoka. They used material available from their day jobs, old typewriters, stuff other people donated, archival and family materials of their own. This sounds cool. I'm going to go check it out. Printed Matter. 195 10th Ave. 5-7pm. Free.


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